Enterprise products

Cloudscraper ES

Complete search solution for your enterprise including platform, web access and client software. Standard set of servers/formats included.

Cloudscraper ES Client

Platform-specific software to enable content retrieval and real-time indexing*

Supports windows linux mac android iphone blackberry windows phone symbian

Cloudscraper ES Platform

Foundation of Cloudscraper ES with REST/SOAP access. Communicate using JSON or XML.

*Available only on selected platforms

Additional plugins

Cloudscraper ES Exchange Plugin

For Microsoft Exchange 2003-2013.

Cloudscraper ES Facebook Plugin

Search various data from Facebook accounts.

Cloudscraper ES Twitter Plugin

Convert various tweeter data into search results.

Cloudscraper ES GMail Plugin

Search your gmail account.

Cloudscraper ES Lucene/Solr Plugin

Connect existing Lucene/Solr system directly with ease.

Cloudscraper ES Custom Plugin

Connect an arbitrary strcutured/unstructured content.

Developer products

Cloudscraper ES SDK for   Java

For Java software developers.

Cloudscraper ES SDK for C/C++/Objective-C

For C/C++/Objective-C software developers. Coming soon!

Cloudscraper ES SDK for others

For other languages. Coming soon!